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13 Shipping Container Homes that Will Make You Jealous

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Shipping container homes take something unwanted and seemingly with a singular purpose, and turn it into livable spaces. But livable is not the only way to describe these beautifully complex and modern spaces. Container homes are functional, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. These 13 most beautiful container homes & structures will hopefully inspire you to get creative with your future home.

  1. Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Multi-story container home with full staircase and garage. The owner was inspired by the industrial material.

2. New Plymouth, New Zealand



Who said that open spaces and fresh air can’t be found in container homes?

3.  Santa Cruz, California

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From far away, this Santa Cruz home looks like a typical modern home. Upon closer inspection, visitors are surprised to know that it was made out of shipping containers!

4.  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


A beautifully modern three-story home built in the heart of Brisbane. It has 6,000 square feet of space!

5. Pont-Péan, France


This container home embraces and challenges the way container homes to look at the same time. The containers are stacked in a familiar shape but the exterior has a super modern feel.

6. Blue Hill, Maine


Windows and staircases are not something you’ll miss in this home in Blue Hill.

7. Curacaví, Chile.



While the exterior looks something like a wooden box or a toy, this home is nothing to joke about. It’s a fully livable dream home!

8. Rosneath Peninsula, Scotland

It’s a lakefront container home. Can you get any more unique than that?

9. Berlin, Germany

house 123house 1234

A beautiful utilization of shipping containers to create a professional and modern atmosphere for visitors.

10. London, England

london schlondon sch1

Homes aren’t the only purpose for shipping containers. Stores around the world have utilized them as well such as the BoxPark shopping strip in London. It features pop-up fashion and lifestyle stores and small cafes.

11. Winthrop, Washington, USA

sch 1sch 2

 Container homes are more flexible in design that most people think. They don’t have to be straight rectangle shapes and designers have found creative ways to make these structures look incredible.

12. La Rufina

sch 3

A tree-top look alike.

13. Canada

sch 4

This waterfront/forest property is sure to surprise anyone passing by. It’s entirely made out of shipping containers.

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