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16 Absolutely Adorable DIY Christmas Decorations

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As the music stations start switching to Christmas music and you feel your holiday spirit rising, there’s nowhere better to put this energy than into making decorations for Christmas! You may have spent hundreds of dollars each year buying decorations. But you go to your neighbors house and they have the same exact ones. It’s boring, plain, expensive and wasteful. How about taking something that you already have and transforming it into something extraordinary? Something that will bring smiles and Christmas cheer.

We’ve got just the thing. We’ve collected awesome ideas from around the web to transform your home into a unique centerpiece for the holidays. From DIY (do it yourself) snowman, snowflakes to even a full Christmas tree! Not only will you bring the holiday spirit into your house, smiles but you will also help the environment. Can’t get any better than that.

1. How to Make Paper Snowflakes

How To Make Paper Snowflakes

Full instructions here:

2. DIY Reindeer Bottles

Reindeer Bottles


We KNOW you’ll have bottles laying around during the holidays. But wait, don’t throw them out. With these simple additions you can make them into an unforgettable Christmas decoration. Reindeer Bottles.

3. DIY Grinch Party Poppers

Grinch Kebabs


Looking for a clever way to snack on Christmas? Well, check out the Grinch party poppers. This evil looking snack is healthy, tastes and looks amazing!

4. DIY Pine Tree Christmas Ornament

Pine Cone Christmas Ornament

Nothing says you’re ready for Christmas, like a Christmas tree hanging from a Christmas tree. Turn a regular pine cone to a mini Christmas tree with a little creative effort.

5. DIY Snowflakes from a Plastic Bottle

Snow flakes From Plastic Bottles

Don’t waste those plastic bottles just yet. Cut the bottoms off and make snowflakes out of them, to be used as decorations for a homemade Christmas tree or just about anywhere else. Throw the rest of the bottle into the recycling bin.

6. The Do It Yourself Pom – Pom Snowman

DIY Pom Pom Snowman

Nothing is more fuzzy and adorable than this mini snowman made out of pom poms and some left over christmas decorations.

7. Homemade Pillow Tower Christmas Tree

Pillow Christmas Tree


If you have a little sewing know-how or happen to have some pillows like these, you can form them into a cool Christmas tree.

8. DIY Walnut Christmas Gift Decoration



Are you tired of the same old packaging that’s given everywhere? Well here’s something completely different and awesome. Take a walnut, empty the inside, add a little glitter. Then put some lining in there and you can fit a small necklace or other things inside. Wrap it with a little bow and watch their face as they receive and open this little fellow.

9. DIY Holiday Cup Decoration


Let’s face it, cups are boring. They’re plain, they’re round and they are mass-produced. Well add a little magic with these simple steps to transform your cups and make the drinking experience ten times better.

10. Paper Craft Christmas Tree Decoration

Easy Christmas Paper Tree Craft

If are able to fold some paper then you can certainly do this one! It’s an awesome hangable or standable christmas tree made from just paper.

11. DIY Cute Hedgehog Ornament

Toilet Paper Roll and Pine coneHedgeHogs

Who knew there was a use for those toilet paper rolls? With a little arts and crafts know-how, turn a pine cone and a toilet roll into this adorable hedge hog.

12. Beautiful Do it Yourself Christmas Tree under 10$

Pallet Idea To Save a Tree


Does your house have very little space? Or perhaps you just want to save a tree and create something spectacular. Well if you can find a pallet and a little leftover paint, hang some handmade or decorations from last year, and it’s ready. You got yourself a Christmas tree for just a few dollars.

13. DIY Snowman Christmas Holiday Decoration



It doesn’t get anymore simple then this, but it will make a center piece for your holiday party.

14. Creative and Cheap DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives

Christmas Tree Ideas

Are you inspired to make yourself a Christmas tree? Well here’s some simple ideas to get you started.

15. Creative Way to Make a Snowman

DIY Snowman


With a balloon, glue and some string you can make this creative snowman. It will make a cheap and beautiful decoration for your home.

Tutorial Here:

16. Stunning DIY Christmas Tree made From.. Books!

Creative Smart Christmas Treefrom Books


We’ve saved the best for last. If you’ve got yourself some books, you can make yourself an incredible Christmas tree that will leave your guests speechless.

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